Friday, 29 July 2016

Prayer- Karakia of the faithful

L.I.- W.A.L.T.- write a prayer of the faithful.
Success Criteria: I know I can  do this when I write a prayer for the leaders to make decisions that are good for all people.

For all of the  leaders of the world making good decision.

For all the leaders of the world, that they should provide food and clean water for the sick and poor.

For all leaders of the world, that they should give shelter to the poor.

For the leaders of the world ,that they will make good decisions so that we can have a better life.

That people who are leaders ,should make peace to other leaders .

For the leader of the world, that they should teach people about Gods goodness.  

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Measurement -Jump the plank

L.I.- W.A.L.T.- To measure how far we could jump the plank using centimetres.
Success Criteria: I know I can do this when I measured the distance of how far I could jump the plank.
Our group jumped the plank and measured how far each one of us jumped. We used a chair as our plank and we started the measurement from the foot of the chair to the back of our heel where we landed from our jump.

These are the results:
1. Kyle- 116cm 
2. Roneeza-  110cm
3. Fulila/me- 82cm
4. Alizzandro- 70cm
5. Anamaria- 37cm

We found out that Kyle jumped the farthest , Roneeza was the second , I was the third, Alizzandro was the fourth and Anamaria was the last.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Balloon magic

L.I.- W.A.L.T.- write a procedure .
Success Criteria: I know I can do this when I write a procedure in order using action words.

                     Balloon magic
Materials needed
1. t-shirt  and pants.
2. balloons.
Image result for balloons3. head with hair .


First blow your balloon.

Second rub the balloon on your clothes or hair.

Next take the balloon which has been rubbed against a material or your hair and given charge of static electricity. 

Then put it on your head and you will notice your hair goes up and stick on to the balloon.
Did it work?

Friday, 1 July 2016

Have you been to botanic Garden?

                    Botanic gardens trip

I love the smell of flowers. 

On Tuesday 17th of May  our whole school went to Botanic Gardens trip to learn about plants.

I saw some prickly and green cactus, and aloevera
 There are some ruby roses, that smell nice and really pretty, red poppies, violet lavenders, that smelt like  strawberry, pink and black viola flowers that are colourful. I saw yellow and gold sun flowers. 

Some daisies  were  pretty and plain white, they smelled like perfume.
 There are some herbs , veggies  and fruits.  I saw lots of feijoa on the ground . I like feijoa because its juicy and sour,when they are green.
There were some blue and purple wild berries, apple tree, orange carrots and yellow bananas.

Then we got to the jungle. We saw lots of unique statues of birds and egg shells. There was a bird lady statue sitting on a bench. We had lunch , and we went to the kids garden . There were  slippery logs that we stepped on.  After that we went back to the little house.
Later we went back to school.

Image result for flowersImage result for flowers

Do you like carrot trees?

               How to grow a carrot tree

L.I.- W.A.L.T.- Give appropriate instructions.

Success Criteria: I know I can do this when I  write the steps of growing a carrot tree. 

Materials: A carrot top , a small container , water.


1. Cut the carrot top.

2. Place the carrot top in a container.

3. Pour some water into the container.

4. Put the container with the carrot top on the window sill where the sun shines.

 5. Watch it grow.

  6.Did it work?How can you tell?