Thursday, 8 March 2018

I learned heaps of things in science class!

On Thursday 8th of March we went to tech and I went to science class, our teachers name was
Miss Gawith.

We made a hot air balloon experiment but we had to write up our hypothesis. Then we were given
a box of matches, a balloon, a flask, a cube of ice, the meth burner, wet cloth, a dish, a tripod and
a gauze mat.
First we had to put our things on our working hand side, then we we lit up the meths burner and put the
tripod over the meths burner then put the gauze mat over the tripod then our teacher gave us our ice
cubes and we hand rubbed the cube so it could fit in the flask when it did we stretched the balloon,
when we finished stretching it we put the mouth of the balloon over the mouth of the flask and put it on
top of the meths burner, tripod and gauze mat. After that the balloon started to inflate and expand, then
we learned the reason that happened was because the heat from the flames of the meths burner
warmed up the coldness of the cube and that made the balloon inflate.
Then we described what happened while the balloon was inflating.
Then we put the flame out and rolled the balloon off the flask and went to morning tea.

After morning tea we described a candle that was in sand in a jar. We had to describe how the candle felt
and smelt.
Use the correct structure and features to write a recount using a range of sentence and sophisticated vocabulary.- based on something you did in th
smelt and how it felt.
Learning Intention: W.A.L.H.T. write a recoun

Friday, 2 March 2018

Now I know the meanings of the Philippines flag!

W.A.L.T. analyse symbols and images on the flags of countries that line to the identity of the students in Room 8.