Tuesday, 15 January 2019

The great Taupo cycle challenge- SLJ- (4 points)

If I could have three people in my Lake Taupo cycle race I would have My mum, Liena (my bestfriend) and my Nana.

My Nana- Because she is very supportive and she always keeps me happy.
My Mum- Because she is very encouraging and loving.
Liena- she always has my back.


  1. Hello Fulila,
    I am very happy that you have such amazing supportive people in your life. They seem like the perfect people for the race because they will support you no matter what. Maybe you could explain what the Taupo Race is, for people who don't know. I would love to come with you because you have amazing people. Next time you can put an introduction for people who don't know what the Summer Learning Journey is.

    Happy Blogging
    Gargee HPS

  2. Hi Fulila

    I think you have picked some great people to come with you to the Lake Taupō Cycle Challenge. Having supportive people to cheer you on will make competing in the challenge much more fun.

    If I was to do the challenge I would take my mum, my partner Kieran and my niece Olive. They are all very supportive and I know they would cheer me on.

    Do you think you would want to do the 80km race or the 160km race? I like the idea of doing the full race but I think I would need to be a lot fitter first.

    Ngā mihi,

  3. Hi Fulila...great to see you blogging on the SLJ. There's still some time to complete the activities before school begins - how many more can you get done? Keep up the great work.


  4. Welcome to the Summer Learning Journey. Congratulations for completing this task. It's great to see you getting out there and completing these SLJ activities during these summer holidays. I've completed this task too. It was fun. Did you find it interesting? I have been commenting on all of your SLJ activities so far. From what I've seen from you is amazing. Your crew team is very supportive.


  5. Hi Fulila! Jonathan from St Patrick's here, good to see others have done the SLJ event, I came first in my school! Good to see that you have lots in your life who you can really trust.