Monday, 10 June 2019

My Blog Profile

Malo e lelei,
My name is Fulila,
I am Tongan. I attend St Patrick's School. It is a Catholic school and is also a Manaiakalani school. I am an altar server at our church and enjoy serving at the school masses.
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I am an only child and I live with my parents, and grandparents. My favorite sport is Rugby. My favorite Subject is Literacy.  
I also attend St Patrick’s Parish in Auckland.

Image result for st patricks school aucklandI enjoy drawing. I like to draw from my imagination. I also enjoy listening to songs, watching YouTube videos and watching movies with my family. My goals this year are to focus on my learning, my family and friends. My favorite holiday is Christmas because my family spends a lot of time with each other.

I’m looking forward to Mission day because we are donating money to India for an orphanage called Holy Angels The money we donate to them is to provide for their needs.
I am also looking forward to my graduation day at the end of the year.
My parents inspire me because they do a lot of things just so that I am happy. My family inspires me because they have showed me to be respectful to others and to myself.

Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Public or Private?

I want to go sailing again!

On the 1st of May, Wednesday, the Seniors of St Patrick's school went sailing at Okahu bay. Many thanks to the Lion Foundation, Rotary, Volvo and Zhik for sponsoring that fun day and to our sailing instructors Steve, Justin and JR for teaching us how to control the boat and how to put the boat together and also for keeping us safe when we Capsized.

The first thing we learned was how to put the pieces of our boat together. We needed a lot of parts for the boat to function. My partner was Roneeza. When we got into the boat it was kind of scary but then we had fun splashing the water at other people. Then we noticed how far we were from shore. We followed the "mother duck" which was Steve. He made us turn a lot but it was really fun. People started capsizing  but I
was a little scared to capsize. The boats were fast but it depends on how loose we held the rope that was attached to the sail.

I kept on getting hit by the boom. But there was foam outside of the boom to protect our heads.
When people capsized the instructors would hurry fast with their speed boats to help them back up. It was a struggle to get back in the boat. As fast as it was lunch came around, We ate our lunch and took some pictures for our blogs. Then we went for our second round and I didn't have a partner because Iliana couldn't get on because it would tip. So I got dragged out to sea by the speed boat and it was fun but the it wasn't level because there was much weight on the other side of the boat. It was really fun. Then Iliana tried to hop in my boat then it sank and we capsized. I tried to touch the floor but it was too deep. I was freaked out but my life jacket kept me floating.  I started to worry because my life jacket was loose but the instructor tightened it up for me. Then I swam to my boat but then i fell back out so the instructor told me to hop into his boat. We rid on the speed boat it was really fun!

He dropped us off at shore and went back to get the others. We got the equipment  they needed to take their boats back. Then we went and swam for a bit and it was really relaxing because the life jacket was holding me up.  But then we all went and showered and got ready so we can go.
We thanked the instructors and they gave us certificates for our participation then left on our bus.

Tuesday, 2 April 2019

The Goldilocks Zone

The Goldilocks zone is a way for Astrobiologists to say if a planet is too hot or too cold to support life.
I learnt this by reading school journal May 2017- Level 4

Monday, 1 April 2019

My Opinion of J.A

These are my opinions from her Internationals Women's day speech 2019 and her first speech in Wellington parliament after Christchurch disaster on the 15/3/19.

I think she's very responsible and respectful because she chose that the shooter will be nameless because New Zealand will not tolerate these kinds of events.

Friday, 22 March 2019

This is why we wash our hand!

We wash our hands so all the bacteria is gone. Washing hands with soap removes more bacteria
than just washing with water. It  prevents infections in cuts and wounds on your hands. It is good
for your hygiene.

If we don't wash our hands we can get sicknesses and diseases. We can get germs from others if
we don't wash our hands. The bacteria on our hands can get into food and can not only get you
sick but others too. Washing your hands stops germs from spreading to others.

You can transfer bacteria to you eyes and mouth. All the bacteria can make you vomit, have
diarrhea, sneeze and cough.

If you don’t wash your hands you can spread bacteria to yourself and those around you.

L.I: I am learning how to write an explanation.