Wednesday, 28 August 2019

The treasure box- My father is sick & Burial day

My father is sick
My father us really sick. I can see it in his  movements that he is getting weaker
and weaker. His skin is going pale. I stay awake scared of losing him. As his
head goes colder I hold his hand tight knowing he is slipping away.

Burial day

Tears rush out  as I see my father wrapped in a thin cloth getting ready to be
buried in the dirt. Everything they said about my father warmed my heart . I look
down and come to the realization that I am not alone, I am left in the good hands
of our friends and neighbors. I hold the book very tight and tear up as I say my
last goodbyes to my precious Father. 
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Pause think about it

This is my info-graphic of what a smart relationship is and what qualities it has.

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My Blog Profile

Malo e lelei,
My name is Fulila,
I am Tongan. I attend St Patrick's School. It is a Catholic school and is also a Manaiakalani school. I am an altar server at our church and enjoy serving at the school masses.
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I am an only child and I live with my parents, and grandparents. My favorite sport is Rugby. My favorite Subject is Literacy.  
I also attend St Patrick’s Parish in Auckland.

Image result for st patricks school aucklandI enjoy drawing. I like to draw from my imagination. I also enjoy listening to songs, watching YouTube videos and watching movies with my family. My goals this year are to focus on my learning, my family and friends. My favorite holiday is Christmas because my family spends a lot of time with each other.

I’m looking forward to Mission day because we are donating money to India for an orphanage called Holy Angels The money we donate to them is to provide for their needs.
I am also looking forward to my graduation day at the end of the year.
My parents inspire me because they do a lot of things just so that I am happy. My family inspires me because they have showed me to be respectful to others and to myself.

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