Friday, 25 October 2019

What makes a good family?

 Being in a good family creates an endless bond that is built with loyalty, uniqueness and love.

A good family supports each other through the bad and good times in their lives. They support your
decisions you make in life and guide you through the hardest times. They stand up for you when bullied
and keep their word. They can be annoying sometimes but they are the people that help you when you
need something.

A good family respects each other and cherishes all the laughs and smiles they have together. A good
family has their ups and downs but they have unconditional love for each other. No family is perfect .
Every family has their unique things that make them a family.

Every loyal family will have challenges but they will always stand together as a family. They love you
when no one else does. Your family sees the real you when no one else can. Families give the best
advice and know what is best for you. A good family inspires you to be better and to do better, they
motivate you to keep going when things are hard.  

My family is great and I wouldn’t change anything about them. 

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