Friday, 4 January 2019

Going, Going and gone-SLJ- (4 points)

New Zealand is very beautiful. It has a lot of beautiful native birds, plants and trees. Sometimes the weather is a little bit unquestionable but most of the time  the weather is very beautiful. New Zealand has a lot of activities and places to visit.


  1. Welcome to the Summer Learning Journey. Congratulations for completing this task. It's great to see you getting out there and completing these SLJ activities during these summer holidays. I've completed this task too. It was fun. Did you find it interesting? The words that you've used to describe New Zealand is great. I'd like to know more about New Zealand too.


  2. Hi Fulila!
    My name is Florence. I go to Panmure Bridge School. I have been trying to find students from different schools to comment on. I have now found you.

    I like your blogpost about the description of NZ. What is your favourite thing about New Zealand? My favourite thing about New Zealand is that us Kiwi's have faith in everything.
    Blog you later!

  3. Hi Fulila!

    So sad to say goodbye to all of these things if New Zealand really was going! You have described some really great parts of what makes New Zealand such a special home to have - The beautiful scenery, nature and wildlife.

    Do you have a favourite part about living in New Zealand?
    I think my favourite part might be the outdoors, we have such beautiful bush tracks and areas that have been left uninhabited, I think that is really special!
    What part do you think you would miss the most?

    Great work on this activity Fulila, ka pai!

    Nga mihi,
    Ellee :)